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Chain Reaction” is a talent pipeline project of supply chain department which aims to increase the awareness of Industrial engineering, MBA & operation management students of top universities about supply chain, develop and sustain university-industry collaboration at all levels; both with students and professors, while supporting the overall employer brand agenda of Unilever Iran.

The first round of this program will be held with the help of students from two selected universities. So If you want to know how we handle our supply chain system, join Chain Reaction club via following registration link:

Chain Reaction is consisted of three main programs:

  •        Society
  •        Academy
  •        Projects
Chain Reaction – Society In Society with Unilever program, First, students with supply chain related education register on unilever4u website and join our “Chain Reaction” club, then the selected students come to Unilever’s office for a one day event in which they have the opportunity to get to know Unilever’s supply chain function, They will solve a supply chain simulation which is a computer model of real life supply chain processes, meet with our supply chain managers and learn how each sub-function works in an international company with such great scale as Unilever. They also have the opportunity to ask their question about how supply chain department works in an organization like Unilever. Also, there will be some team building activities for students to improve their skills as well.  
Chain Reaction – Academy In this section of Chain Reaction program, members of Unilever’s supply chain team attend specific classes in two selected universities (for the first round) to teach the students about the following supply chain subjects with a more industrial view. The topics are:        Introduction and S&OP        Forecasting/Planning        Manufacturing        Shopper understanding & customer world        Customer service        Regional/Global supply chain organizations        Warehousing        E2E supply chain management        Distribution & customer logistics        Sourcing & supplier relationships 
Chain Reaction – Projects In the projects part of Chain Reaction program, Some Unilever-related projects will be defined from Unilever’s side and they will be solved with the help of a team of students from selected universities, who have one of Unilever’s supply chain managers as their consultant. Over the course of few months the academic team will solve a real life Unilever issue and their solution will be put to work to improve Unilever’s supply chain processes after considering internal issues. In the mean time, the students will have constant relationship with Unilever members, can hold mentorship session with our supply chain teams and are in touch with Unilever in a regular basis. It’s notable that as these projects are based on real issues that Unilever face, lots of  Unilever-realted information will be shared with the academic team.
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