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Financial Minds” is a talent pipeline project of Finance Department which aims to increase the awareness of Finance function among students of top universities, prepare students to real life with case studies, inspire and guide them on their career choices, while supporting the overall employer brand agenda of Unilever Iran.

This program will be held in two selected universities in its first round. So if you are a finance student who wants to see what happens in real life finance, join Unilever’s Financial Minds club via following registration link:

  This program is consisted of two main pillars:
  •          Society
  •          Academy
  Financial Minds – Society In this section of Financial Minds program, finance students have the opportunity to spend Society with Unilever finance team. Students register on unilever4u website and join our Financial Minds club, then selected students will be invited to Unilever’s office for our one day event. The selection will be based o the capacity available for the event. In this event students solve a real life case study, meet with our finance managers to learn about different sub-functions of Unilever’s finance department and get to know the responsibilities needed in this function and also the way it works. Finally, they have the opportunity to ask their financial questions from our finance managers. In this day, the students improve their skills through team activities and become more ready to attend real workplaces.    
Financial Minds – Academy In this program, members of Unilever’s finance team attend selected classes from specific universities to share their career experiences with you and consult you about the career you can build for yourselves.
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