Sales Bootcamp

Given the importance of sales, Unilever Iran has developed a program called “Sales Bootcamp” to increase the knowledge of university students about sales function.

“Sales Bootcamp” is a two-day event in which the students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the function. After registration on the website, selected students will be invited to Unilever’s office. In the first day they get to know different sub-functions of our sales department while they improve their team building skills through some activities. They can also ask their questions about Unilever’s sales process from our sales team. In the second day selected students will attend a real-life sales simulation game in which they can gain a more tangible sense of real marketplace.

This program mainly targets Management, MBA and Industrial Engineering students. Please note that the capacity of this program is limited.   So if you are interested in knowing sales function well, please register via link below.  


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