Unilever Leadership Internship Program (ULIP)


Finding an opportunity in which the students confront the issues learnt in their classes and read in their books will help them to understand the business better. With this method, students will remember the subjects taught to them better and also will become familiar with the real challenges in their area of study. Unilever has provided an internship program for students to have a real life experience of the knowledge they have gained. In Unilever Leadership Internship Program (ULIP) students spend a 3 month tenure working in their selected department and while making some money, they learn all about what really happens in the business world. At the end of their internship, students will receive letter of acknowledgment for their participation. To attend this program, first you should fill out the registration form on the website, then the selected candidates need to pass a face to face interview and if they do so, they will be selected for the program. Required Qualifications Student of third year of Bachelor’s degree or higher Advance level of English language or higher ULIP departments The registration channel for this program is open at all times for all of the following departments. By filling out the registration form, students’ profiles will be added to our database so that we can consider them as a candidate for our program whenever needed. The departments are as follows:

  • Factory
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Recource
  • Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain- Factory
  • R&D- Factory
  • HR- Factory
  • Finance- Factory
  • Manufacturing – Factory
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