Unilever Professional Apprenticeship Program


Planning for future is one of the most important parameters of successful people. For the first time, Unilever Iran Company prepare a possibility for junior university students to long term planning and seek for opportunities. Therefore, a four years schedule which is called Unilever Professional Apprenticeship Program is thought that will continue for four summers in a row. The program is considered for those who are studying Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Industrial Engineering and also Chemistry, Microbiology and Industrial Management. In these summers, which is set in four years (three months each year), UPAP will join manufacturing supply chain departments in Unilever factory that is located in Qazvin as their names are mentioned below:


-Professional maintenance

-Quality assurance

To join the program, please complete application form. The program benefits are considerable financial package, Unilever certificate and on the job training schedule. UPAPs are assumed in the top of Unilever Iran recruitment list. 

For more information, please see animation clip.

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